Mistress Michelle

I hit that sweet spot;

I’m 25 years old, with innocent eyes, yet I’m an experienced professional femme-domme extrodinarie.

Every session with me is customized to perfection and my sweet and cruel personal brand of domination will makes you melt or writhe under my control. 

I specialize in role play, humiliation, kink, scene-creation and fantasy, spanking, certain types of training, and fetish play. I will push you further than you’ve ever ventured before into your own sickest fantasies.

I’m very open minded so I won’t make a list of all that I DO, instead, read my concise list of things that I Do Not Offer and with these few limits in mind, let your imagination run wild.

Being a dominatrix is an art form. I use all my intelligence, skill and my dominating sexual nature to be my truest self: an evil queen. Come to me – to worship and obey.

Je peux comprendre et bien parler français. Je peux offrir des sessions en français, à condition de comprendre que le français n’est pas ma langue principale. N‘hésitez pas à m’écrire en français.

Can You Handle Being My Submissive? 

I value respect, safer-sex practices, hygiene, and good communication. The best way to find out if we click, is to book a session with me.

We will spend the first ten minutes discussing our desires for the session and coming to an agreement about how our time together will be spent. We will agree on boundaries, safe words, and hard limits.

From that point on you will be under my control.


I DO NOT Offer:

Full-Service, incest play, scat-play, nude face sitting, acting as a submissive.




Are you new to the scene? Have you always wanted to try something but you’ve been too afraid? At an introductory level, I will help you discover the kinkier side of your sexual self. 

I do not believe that shame has a place in our consensual sex lives. When done right, kink and BDSM can break taboos, inspire exploration,  and create sexual growth.

Don’t be shy, now is the time to explore. 

I also offer Text, Phone or Video chat options.



My professional domination package is for people who know what they want. 

I offer appointments up to four hours. I do not offer less than one hour. 

I will show you no mercy. Under my sweet exterior I am a cold, hard, bitch. Just try me. During my hard-core sessions I do not tolerate any insubordination, my wrath will be swift and severe. Be prepared to obey my every command and grovel for the punishment you deserve.

Be prepared for intricate and creative scenes built around role playing, kink, fetish, costumes, mind-games, and erotic play. 

Sweet Femme-Domme: Do you need a little extra sweetness? If you’re very well behaved, generous and grateful I will consider showing you my softer side. Massage, nice-girl, gfe, that will have you across my knees without you even realizing. 

Multiple Dominants: I collaborate with a number of other experienced dommes. Some discounts apply for doubles. ***Currently offering duos with Mistress Netta (who appears in my photo gallery)

Ultimate Fantasy Experience

price negotiated per scenario

This category is for multi-hour bookings, real-world dates and fantasy experiences that require extra planning. Not for beginners or those light of heart.

I will only discuss these complex and custom packages after we’ve built a report through regular bookings, but, once you’ve earned my trust, I will make your wildest fantasy into reality.


Send me a concise email that includes: which package you are interested in, the amount of time you would like to book, and a brief description of what you would like the session to include.

I will answer basic questions in a response email, but we will not be having an ongoing email conversation… once the general points have been agreed upon I expect you to book a session and we will go over all the details in-person on the day of your appointment.

Read my ‘I Do Not Offer’ section before emailing me.

I will respond to your email within 24-48 hours.

When you are ready to book, a 60$, non-refundable, booking-fee will be charged to hold the dungeon space for our session. (It will be subtracted from the overall total.)

Once your deposit has been paid, I will send you my phone number and we can arrange a meeting by text. No same day appointments.

I currently work with two dungeons. I do not do out-calls with new clients.

You will pay for the booking via etransfer or amazon gift cards. Our session will be paid in CASH within the first ten minutes. Credit and Debit cards are not accepted. 

I truly look forward to the freaky, sexy, future we are going to have together. Email me today:

p a i n p l e a s u r e m t l @ r i s e u p . n e t

<3 Mistress Michelle


“First thing to say,
   Mistress Michelle is very sexy, with beautiful blue eyes, and a body to die for. We discussed my interests and limits before the session. She is very professional and open minded.
   I was very impressed by her dominant attitude and intensity during our session. She was in control from start to end. If you are a first timer like me and are looking for a great Mistress, don’t look any further, Mistress Michelle is the answer.

   I can’t wait for our next session. Thank you Mistress Michelle for that unforgettable experience! ”   

– Slave X

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